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David Schanoes dmsch at
Sun Jan 5 12:16:07 MST 2003

And to my knowledge you never responded to any of the political points made
by myself, Gary, or Einde.  And you still haven't.

Instead you accuse someone of Stalinismwhohad the foresight and temerity to
leave out the middle steps and get right down to the point--- that you were
POSING as someone who had a different, but Marxist viewpoint, and were
willing to argue/defend, and perhaps change same.

Earlier I said I didn't know you well enough to call you a typical
bourgeois-apologist twit.  Now I do.

Don't forget to kiss the hem of Thatcher's skirt and thank her for securing
the Malvinas for Brittania, while you're on your knees.


----- Original Message ----- >
> Ouch! No happy new year for me then, it's off to the gulag, Stalinism
> lives, clearly you have learnt nothing since the fall of the USSR!
> M.S., you can do better than that. At least Gary, David and Einde made a
> case as far as Iraq goes and I respect their positions even if I can't
> agree..

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