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Why should we wait for beginning labor mobilization?

I disagree. We can and should act against Pre-war movement without
working class. Civilians who seek peace, liberty, freedom can and
should join movement without working class.

In Vietnam war period, working class, especially constructing sector
workers opposed anti-war demonstration. We should recognize that daily
working class prefer conservative orientation.

In this period, situation is same because of US working class'
economic interest, and especially US workers class benefits from
credit capitalist system such as pension,excess interest.

I refer to new tactics in new capital accumulation stage after 2nd
world war

1.There are only two method to change capitalist society. One is to
take over the means of production occupied by bourgeois class. The
latter is to refuse to work under capitalist society. The former is
fundamental concept of Marxist, and it achieved in Russian revolution
1917. The latter has only supplement of the former as community
building. Below is that the latter become more realistic when
bourgeois revolutions Are completed, development of capitalist matures
as real tactics of revolution The period form 19 to 20C were bourgeois
revolution. The distinctive feature is that under feudal system
capitalist class emerged and then became political forces, finally
took over political power from feudal system representatives. It began
in England and spread to France, but their productions were inevitably
emerging worker class who spread as political revolution force and
spread its forces finally achieved proletariat revolution. According
this idea of permanent revolution. In period of bourgeois revolution,
Proletariat must adjust the political environment. According to Marx's
permanent revolution, Lenin success in proletariat revolution in which
bourgeois change occurred. It succeeded in Russia but in other
countries, it defeated. Within bourgeois system Proletariat were given
as supplemental position, and this system became stability was
post-war period. Thus environment of political arrangement radically
changed compared with Marx, or Lenin's period.  Tactics of using
bourgeois revolution and gaining political power was not to be

2. Today, tactics of permanent revolution lost its ground, How doe
means Russian revolution and its collapse? Lessons from Russian
revolution results from analyzing the degeneration of proletariat
dictatorship. Various factors existed, in today, we must be clear to
abolish commodity and money due to dictatorship of proletariat.

3. Let start with social understanding. When we want to resolve the
problem of social relation, human political spirit cannot go, in other
word, by human will may not go. Young Marx considered social
revolution is needed by proletariat dictator. But its program was
different from later Marx. To abolish commodity and money is
impossible by political will, But to abolish capital is possible for
human's will. For example, in Revolution 1917,leftist could abolish
capital but could not abolish commodities and money. So, we must start
with this stance. Usual alienation revolution theory seeks weakness of
capitalist society is alienated labor ,so they aim to liberation from
alienated labor?This idea is latter method because of aim at worker's
subject construction. But this process is limited within immediate
production process, and led to trade uninionism. Now, we mind
reification theory(Versachlung)as a form of self-alienation, we could
not challenge the refication due to alienated state. Refication means
that things (Sach)rule people' mind (reverse is usual)and the things
that are produced by people unconsciously, so to resist these things,
human's will can't go.

The latter line, i.e. to refuse work under capitalist may imagine
strike or sabotage but its line must continue. Rather, we could define
it as Alternative lives. If workers refuse work under capitalist, and
try to live, It is for the time being defined as Workers
collective. If this area will spread, and invade into capital's area,
capitalists will become unnecessary. Historically, the reverse
occurred. But it will look away. The cause of failure Usual worker's
collective, or self-management is its limited aim for example, work
for survival and not open to global society, If we can these
experience to means of social revolution, Its meaning will change.

4. If we will inherit proletariat dictatorship, Firstly, we overcome
democracy, and make clear the perspective. This relate the high
political level of the people's movements already overcoming maximum
of program by each leftist parties. First, to make clear the
perspective social revolution, and practically by people's movements
to answer to abolish commodity and money. Thirdly ,to form the
cultural theory is needed. To form cultural theory, new forms of
cultural knowledge. Usual parties organization of people's first by
subject to party's program, then organize workers by pamphlet,
publishing, and so on .This type of organization is Stalin's type
,which proved different from Lenin's. Today, such organization can't

6. permanent revolution; It lost meaningless as tactics of revolution,
but with historical perspective, In term of continued revolution
becomes meaning .Revolution began with Russia, after it, many
revolutions occurred and several result were produced. In this sense,
we live in a global transitional period. And correspondent political
consciousness is produced.  From our perspective, defined current
society as global transitional with Russia revolutionary ,then, in
many academic, there many Marxists argued thead two ecnomics of contra
dictal systems between caipitalst and socialism and communism This
view is capital collapsed and finaly socialism will win. This line
many communist was peace movement including to use of congress, which
Japan communist party adopt .and this line also collapsed. Compared
with Our world revolution ,international dictator of proletariat lead
to armed struggle. and it ended by arresting leaders.

If our tactics of labor to refuse is adopted, Politics must be
changed. New area within capitalist, The different Strategy and
tactics are resolves. Mass movement result from the movement that
organize in the level maximum demand.

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