On defeatism

Adam Levenstein cleon42 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 5 14:29:51 MST 2003

I fully agree with Lou that the question of defeatism has to be posed
in the light of "what is best for the anti-war movement."

I also agree that calling for defeat of US imperialism is a correct

Assuming the US is going to war, the question is, what does making this
call accomplish? Will having some people with signs saying "Victory to
Iraq" actually *accomplish* this? No, it will further divide and
marginalize the movement.

Again, it's a two-question situation. On the one hand, you have the
question of "what position does a revolutionary socialist movement
take." On the other, you have the question of "what position does a
coalition of anti-war forces take." Forcing one upon the other--from
either direction--is an eternally *bad* idea.

Of course, a socialist organization takes the position of revolutionary
defeatism. But there's nothing saying that such an organization can't
work in a coalition with groups/individuals that *don't* hold such a
position, yet the ends are the same.

"Victory to Iraq," "US out of Iraq," and "No war in Iraq"--if any come
true--all have the same essential effect. That is, the US is no longer
butchering Iraqis. However, one will cause unnecessary schisms in the
anti-war movement, and the other two will not (necessarily).


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