Cynthia McKinne=Al Gore?????

David Schanoes dmsch at
Sun Jan 5 15:27:42 MST 2003

Would hate to agree with Lou,( probably makes him more uncomfortable than
me), but this is a question that is not always easy to answer.

For example, in 1964 what about MFDP demanding recognition from the DNC.  Do
we support the MFDP slate of delegates in an election?  I would think we
would have to unless we can propose an alternative with more explosive
potential, great prospects for mobilizing the African American population in
a direction distinct from the MFDP.

Maybe that applies to Harold Washington, maybe not.  But it definitely does
not apply to McKinney, and certainly not to McKinney at a mass rally when
there are no shortages of independent important people to speak.

I forthrightly resolve LP for any responsibility in case of agreement.

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