The draft

David Schanoes dmsch at
Sun Jan 5 15:38:34 MST 2003

Alex, I have to leave soon, but I think your raise critical issues that need
explanation and wanted to respond by saying at least right now, I intend to
respond in detail.

I would simply suggest this for the time being-- the suspension of the draft
was an attempt to defuse the class struggle in the military and its
repercussions on both the home and battle fronts.

  It is however, part and parcel of the general social reorientation of
capital to downsizing its home industrial basis, subcontracting work,
runaway factories, reducing union memberships, temporary workers,
maquilladoras, anything and everything to isolate the struggles in any
number of ways by reducing the breadth and scope of the social elements
involved in the struggle.

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