Miami mafia hires a Venezuelan to lie for it

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Sun Jan 5 19:31:50 MST 2003

A right-wing Venezuelan officer emigrates to Miami and produces a version of
the revolution probably written by the Cuban right-wingers there  for their
newer, less experienced local
Venezuelan satellite groups.
It will be interesting to see how the U.S. media and government decide to
handle this transparent gusano fairy tale.
They are clearly in the process of deciding that the working people's
success in defeating the latest antidemocratic coup brings Venezuela closer
to the top of  the U.S. rulers' enemies list.
Fred Feldman

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Press Release
January 5, 2003

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Press Release
News reports from El Universal and El Nuevo Herald:
Taliban- Chavezconnection revealed by
presidential pilot &
Venezuelan Air Force Major

Miami, January 5, 2003 - A Venezuelan Air Force officer, Major Juan Diaz C.,
made a stunning statement this Saturday in a news conference, in which he
described the role he played carrying out instructions from the President of
Venezuela and Commander in Chief of its Armed Forces, Hugo R. Chavez.

Major Diaz, a member of Squadron No. 4 and a pilot of the Presidential
aircraft Airbus 319, was until recently in charge of flying Chavez in his
numerous trips abroad, including many secret overnight flights to Cuba.

 Diaz fled Venezuela because of numerous threats to his life and family, and
is currently requesting political asylum in the United States, according to
his attorney, Patricia Andrade, as reported by El Nuevo Herald today.

He accused Chavez of siphoning at least 1,000,000 dollars to the Taliban and
Al Qaeda just after the September 11 attacks that caused thousands of deaths
in Washington, D.C., New York City and Pennsylvania.  Diaz revealed that
Chavez frequently expressed satisfaction over the attacks to his inner
circle, while adding that the Americans "deserved it".  Shortly after the
attacks and during the US hunt of Al Qaeda operatives, Chavez appeared on an
all-stations broadcast condemning the bombardment of Afghanistan and showing
pictures of children allegedly hurt by military action.

Major Diaz described how he received direct instructions from Chavez himself
to organize the undercover delivery of a million dollars worth of supplies
and consumables presumably for delivery to the Afghan people, seeking to
provide support to Al Qaeda's defense against coalition forces.

Diaz added that, upon reporting back to Chavez that it would be a difficult
and costly  operation requiring the use of three Venezuelan Air Force C-130,
Chavez ordered his Minister of Interior and Justice, Diosdado Cabello to
deliver the money directly to a Taliban operative.

When asked to provide further evidence to back his statements the officer
pointed out that in the meetings were attended by the current Minister of
Interior and Justice, his predecessor Luis Alfonso Davila, and the Minister
of Defense at the time, now Executive Vice President, Jose Vicente Rangel.

"The Venezuelan ambassador to India, Walter Marquez, was in charge of
delivering the funds, of which 100,000 dollars were earmarked for food and
the rest to be used at the Taliban's discretion" said Major Diaz.

 In addition, the Air Force officer stated that he was personally
responsible for coordinating the doctrinal and tactical training in Cuba of
four thousand hard-core supporters of Chavez and members of the so-called
Bolivarian Circles, the groups created by Chavez to act as the armed
enforcement wing of his party, fashioned after the Cuban revolutionary
defense committees.

Diaz stated that whenever Chavez faces problems in Venezuela, he flies to
meet with Castro either in Margarita or La Orchila, a small Caribbean island
off the northern coast with a Venezuelan naval presence.  He said that
Chavez likes to fly in the early hours of the morning, returning around

"He was in Cuba during the December 6, 2002 shooting of innocent civilians
in Plaza Francia" (the square where early in December a suspected Chavez
government operative, shot and killed three, injuring 28 others) "which is
why (Chavez's) first public appearance took place many hours after the
events" stated Diaz.

"It is no secret that Venezuela has received shipments of weapons, by sea
and air, from Cuba, even using vessels of the state-owned iron extraction
concern, Ferrominera del Orinoco", Major Diaz added.  He stated that part of
those weapons have ended in the hands of the Colombian guerillas.

He reminded the press that this activity was known to several other
high-ranking Venezuelan Army officers, adding that Army General Nestor
Gonzalez G. raised these concerns only to see them ignored.

Major Diaz believes that only a handful of hard-core Venezuelan armed forces
support Chavez, the same that supported his failed coup attempt in 1992.

 "This is about defending democracy in Venezuela and the rest of the
continent" said Major Diaz, today, referring to his motivations for speaking
against the regime, even if it meant endangering his family.

While a majority elected Chavez in 1999, his government acts in a way that
is only democratic in appearance. Ample evidence is available of instances
in which the Chavez government has undermined democracy, freedom and
fundamental civil rights in Venezuela, while shielding itself under a cloak
of apparent legality. Chavez continues to ignore the legitimate claim of
what is now a majority of the Venezuelan electorate: the implementation of
elections, a constitutional solution to break the political deadlock that is
threatening the peace, affecting world oil prices and regional stability.
Chavez is directly responsible for the loss of innocent lives, having armed
bands of civilians mirroring Cuba's revolution defense committees. His
takeover of the state oil monopoly, Petroleos de Venezuela threatens the
country's viability as a reliable oil supplier. His incompetence has brought
economic growth to a standstill. According to numerous news reports, Chavez
presides over the most wasteful and corrupt government Venezuela has seen in
its history.

Several websites have been created to disseminate information regarding the
efforts of the Venezuelan community in South Florida, such as and

For information regarding the struggle of the Venezuelan community abroad
visit y

For information in English please visit  and

For updated information regarding events in South Florida visit


Armando J Tirado, Esq.


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