New Danger of Runaway Global Warming

Martin Spellman mspellman at
Mon Jan 6 03:08:40 MST 2003

	The official attitude to this seems to be 'apres nous le deluge'. The
problem is the deluge seems to be here already. A couple of things are
striking: in the TV reportage the words 'global warming' are never
mentioned -- it is just portrayed as a minor local disaster and spectacle
"Oh look it's wet here" (reporter with waders and golf umbrella standing in
the middle of it). But cause and effect are not connected so there is no
pressure to do anything about the unmentionable 'global warming'.

	Secondly there is a remarkably naive attitude by some of the people
involved. There were some areas that used to flood every 20 years or so like
York. Visit the pubs in the town and you used to see pictures of the past
two floods and there would be markers near the river of the highwater points
and so on. But when it happens every year... There was one couple
interviewed last week who spent 9 months drying out and reconstructing their
house from last year's flood. Now, she says, "we know what to do". What she
is going to have to do is MOVE, literally and mentally. There are some
villages and even towns that are going to have to be abandoned. Otherwise
the insurance premiums; costs and inconvenience is going to be untenable.
But all that seems to be happening are calls for the government to
underwrite the losses (both from those affected and the insurers) or for
'barriers' to be built. Problem with barriers is some of them would need to
be of Great Wall of China proportions and they work both ways -- once the
water gets through or around it it cannot go back once the river subsides.

	Meanwhile let's go clobber Saddam.

Martin Spellman

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