Appreciation - from Walter in Cuba

Walter Lippmann walterlx at
Mon Jan 6 04:12:25 MST 2003

Many of you have written to me privately
in response to my essay under the title,
"Perfect Wintry Day in Havana". More
than any previous article I've written,
so I will respond to that and give you
more of that to the best of my ability.

Perhaps you'd rather read such things
than those crusty commentaries from
me introducing those snarky reports
from the anti-Cuban media? Please
let me know and keep up the your
kind words of encouragement which
keep up my occasionally-flagging

For me, this is a labor of love and my
only compensation is to know that the
people getting these materials both
read and get something out of them.

It's a good thing for me that I'm both
a retired person (and member of the
AARP, for your information) and have
therefore the time and the inclination
to share the information as well as
the observations with readers.

Walter Lippmann, Moderator,
CubaNews list at Yahoo

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