Hugo Chavez' Religion

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So Chavez is a Catholic? So what?
So was Jose Antonio Echevarria!
So was Camilo Torres! And so are
Ernesto and Fernando Cardenal!
Blase and Theresa Bompane, too!

You can rest assured Hugo Chavez
is NOT on the same side as are the
Catholic Church hierarchy down in
Venezuela. We haven't read about
their role in Venezuela, but I'd
bet my pixels they're not on the
side of the Bovarian Project.

Citing for analysis of Hugo Chavez
the FASCIST Lyndon Larouche isn't
great scholarship, either...


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 See this link for something on it:

 He apparently is a Catholic turned born again then reverted back to a
 Catholic. The country is overwhelmingly Catholic 92-96%.

 The one thing which always worries me about the Evangelicals is the links
 between them and the CIA. The RC hierarchy of course are another disaster

 Hope this clarifies things.


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