anti Taft-Hartley exhibit

Shannon Sheppard holtlabor at
Mon Jan 6 17:05:35 MST 2003

I would like to invite you to a new Holt Labor Library online exhibit:
"Pamphlets in the Fight Against Taft-Hartley:  1947-1948.

The pamphlets were designed for mass distribution to alert working people,
particularly union members, to the dangers of the 1947 Labor Management
Relations (Taft-Hartley) Act. Several of the pamphlets provide a strategy
for opposing the Act.  All use the medium of political cartoon to help make
their point. Included in the exhibit is a list of all Senators and
Representatives who voted in favor of the Act.  The list is taken from one
of the pamphlets.

To view the exhibit go to: and click on
"Taft-Hartley Exhibit."

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