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Thank you for the information about Australia, wasn't aware of that.  Was
this movement consciously organized as a tactic against WWI?  The vote of
the soldiers at the front is a fantastic element.

I am aware of the US history in the Vietnam era, and my argument is not
about or with those individuals who opposed the war by opposing the draft.
I think however we have to come to grips with the fact that the bourgeoisie
ended the draft for their reasons which were not about opposing imperialist
war.  So the points I raised to Alex involved my analysis of why the draft
was ended and the repercussions that will have.

I don't think getting a student deferment masks the nature of privilege.  I
think it highlights it, which also leads one to propose univeral
conscription with no deferments.

So the question is, why did the US ruling class end the draft?

I believe it was/is an attempt to isolate the military from the resistance
and insurgency experienced in VN.

And indeed, I think it really is part of the overall transition of capital
to the forms of industrial dispersal initiated after the first OPEC crisis
of 1973, "runaway shops," maquilladoras, the use of temps, "free-lancers,"
without the dreaded upkeep costs of health care, etc.

And the ultimate purpose for insulating the army is to be able to safely
deploy it against civilian insurgency.

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