Speculation about Chavez's religious beliefs

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 6 20:17:03 MST 2003

The Roman Catholic Church in Cuba more or
less has learned to live with the Revolution,
though it's probably not thrilled to be doing so.

Its power was really broken forty years ago
and has never been restored since then.

You'll recall that, earlier this year, when some
Cuban Catholics were on a pilgramage up to
Canada, a group of them decided not to go
back to the island. The claimed "religious
persecution" as the basis for their claim to
admission. (As I recall, they haven't been
heard from since and are most likely living
in Miami by now.)

Interestingly, the Roman Catholic Bishop
of Guantanamo made a widely-reported
statement denouncing those who had left
and stating that there is no religious
discrimination in Cuba. This was even
reported in the Miami Herald.

>From what friends tell me (I've not looked
into this in any serious way) evangelicals
in Cuba get along with and have a friendly
relationship with the government. Back in
September, at the National Summit on
Cuba, the President of the Cuban National
Council of Churches came with his wife to
participate and speak at that important
event which mobilized opposition to
current US policy toward Cuba and for a
more friendly, cooperative approach to
the island by Washington.

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