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From: "Tom O'Lincoln"
> No, what I'm saying is that to raise the demand for universal conscription
> the context of the specific anti-war movements I discussed would have put
> in that position. And from this we can learn lessons about likely future

Tom-- but I said that position was taken by those involved in the antiVN war
struggle, and it did not put them on the side of the warmongers and the

 It was always made clear that this was a maneuver to introduce greater
struggle against the war.

 Secondly the actions of those taking this position were explicitly,
forthrightly, against the war.

  Thirdly, the position was never allowed to exist in isolation, or
abstracted from other demands, such as the right to organize in the
military, the right to refuse actions of coercion/suppression of
revolutionary movements, unrestricted access of military enlistees to
political literature, the right to elect officers, etc. etc. etc.  This
wasn't about feeding the military blindly and then counting on the great
misery to enlighten those who weren't killed in the process.

I should have qualified my earlier positions with this information.  Does 30
years qualify as short-term or long-term memory loss?

Consequently I modify or develop my original position to include it as part
of the total package, a "draft plus" response to the ruling class's
suspension of the draft..


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