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Charles Jannuzi b_rieux at
Tue Jan 7 04:13:24 MST 2003

About Paolo Freire. You could even call his
teachings as the basis of 'liberational
pedagogy'. I believe 'pedagogy of the oppressed'
is a term that got used a lot. One unfortunate
translation resulted in 'libertarian pedagogy',
the wrong term for all the right reasons, or the
right term for all the wrong reasons. Anyway, I
tried very hard to convince an academic in Japan
to avoid the term, but he remained unconvinced.

Earlier I said that the evangelicals and
pentecostals were repugnant. However, I should
have also noted that coming out of the left, left
side of the Baptist Church, there are
evangelicals who support liberation theology. But
I think it's also fair to say that they are well,
well left of Jimmy "Let's Start a War in
Afghanistan" Carter and not typical of the BC in
the US and a lot of other places, though they do

C. Jannuzi
Fukui, Japan

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