Apology re: a snarky note by me.

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 7 04:48:19 MST 2003

This is to say "I'm sorry" for the blunt,
curt and unjustified tone of my note re:
Hugo Chavez and Religion. I get touchy
and frustrated sometimes, but that does
not give me any reason to be nasty to
other postes on the list. Disculpe.

The only serious source on Chavez that
I know is the Richard Gott biography,
which is two years old. Marta Harnecker
has a new book on him, but it's not yet
out in English. Whatever his personal
views on religion, he's unquestionably
on "our" side of the class line, at
least that's my point of view.


Walter, I hope that now that I've made my position clearer you can see I was
just offering the only hard information on the subject of Chavez' religion
available to me. As for the source, I've never heard of it before (I
realised the counterrevolutionary disposition before posting and assumed
Fred would too). Most media sources on the web are biased, that's something
we all have to take for granted. If you can find out more about Chavez'
alleged short-term conversion to a born again (protestant) christian from
another source. I would be interested as it may be related to RC hierarchy
opposition to the Bolivarian project.

Is mise

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