Appeal for solidarity action: Court case against worker activists in Kazakhstan reaches conclusion

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Dear Comrades
I hope the comrades had a good break. Just before Xmas we heard that the
case of the Worker Activists in Karaganda is coming to a conclusion. The
final hearing was postponed till this week and begins today, 6th January.
It is clear from the behaviour of the authorities that they are intending to
get their revenge next week. Rustan Zhanusev was unable to attend court at
the last hearing to a bad case of flu, confirmed by a Doctor. He was
therefore arrested and has been kept first in a cold police cell with
ordinary criminals and then in the city's remand cells. The procuror is
demanding prison senbtences of 7 years for Rustam, 6 years for his father
Saken ( leniency due to Saken's heart condition) and 2 years for Ramil
Mengazov. The judgement is likely to be made this week.
Could comrades please consider some form of protest and send faxes to the
following numbers:
007 3212 420220
007 3212 742783
007 3172 324959
007 3172 321904

These fax numbers include the court and president and are all manually
operated - ie you need to phone during working hours - this part of
Kazakhstan is 6 hours ahead of London time. When the phone is answered you
need to say "prinyat fax" answer "da" and wait a couple of seconds while
they switch on. 
A sample protest is attached.

Comradely greetings for a revolutionary new year
President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
N Nazarbayev

CC: Karaganda Oblastnii Court
Karaganda Oblastnii Akhimat

Dear President Nazarbayev,

We are extremely concerned to hear of the arrest of and provocations against
activists from the trade unions and Workers¹ Movement of Kazakhstan
(Solidarity) in Karaganda. We are shocked that the procurer is trying to
send Saken Zhunusov, Ramil Mingazov and Rustam Zhanusov for a total of 15
years in prison.

These trade union leaders are guilty of no more than the defense of the
interests of workers in Karaganda against the uncontrolled actions of the
employers and multinational companies. We have no doubt that the criminal
charges currently facing the above have been fabricated by the KNB and MVD
in order to remove them from trade union activity.

The arrests and continued harassment by the authorities in Kazakhstan leave
us no choice but to continue and step up our international campaign of

 The immediate release of  Saken Zhunusov, Ramil Mingazov, Sergei Popov and
Rustam Zhanusov and the dropping of all criminal and administrative charges
against them.

 That the demands of the workforce of the Irtishskovo Metal Kombinat and
other factories for the payment of wage arrears and immediately nationalized
are met.

 That all repression and harassment of trade union and opposition activists
in Kazakhstan cease.

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