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Tue Jan 7 13:17:03 MST 2003

Doug Henwood wrote:
>Proyect, your slanders about my "rightward drift" are bad enough, but now
>you've committed the ultimate crime - posting LBO material without
>permission. In the eloquent words of Arnie Schwarzenegger, fuck you asshole.

The ultimate crime? So sue me. By the way, how's the book on the New
Economy coming? If you didn't spend so much time on email lists, you'd be
more productive

>If you think that piece was an endorsement of lesser evil politics, you
>need to work on reading comprehension and to get your meds revised.

It wasn't a blatant endorsement. That would raise too many eyebrows among
the few remaining radicals who take you seriously. I would instead consider
it a slippery maneuver in the spirit of the CP running around like a
chicken with its head cut off about how we have to stop the evil
Republicans--without actually instructing people to pull the lever for LBJ
or Hubert Humphrey et al. For all your postmodernist cant, you have more in
common with the DSA and the CP's lesser-evilism than you'd care to admit.

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