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the paper of record can still useful (no jokes, old timers!):

Headlines from NYTimes.com Monday, January 6, 2003


California Ups and Downs Ripple in the West
California, which accounts for roughly one-seventh of the nation's total
output, reflects the wobbly national economic picture. 
{See New York Op/Ed below. CA & NY both have economic woes despite
having Governors from opposing parties


U.S. Is Completing Plan to Promote a Democratic Iraq
The plan calls for an 18-month occupation, trials of only the most
senior Iraqi leaders and a quick takeover of oil fields. 
{Conisder the US record with democracy at home & abroad, then the issue
really emerges as oil.}

U.N. Agency to Give North Korea More Time to Comply
The U.N. nuclear agency will give North Korea more time to comply with
the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. 
{NKorea has no oil, so no big rush.  Perhaps if Iraq had a few nukes,
caution would be the order of the day there, too, though


Bush's Stimulus Plan Would Eliminate Tax on Dividends
The plan, which would eliminate taxes on corporate dividends, could cost
the government $300 billion over 10 years. 
{This amounts to a transfer of wealth from the US Government (nominally
public) directly to capitalist entities (private individuals).}

AT&T to Cut 3,500 Jobs and Take $240 Million Charge
AT&T said more than half of the terminated positions will come from
management and most of those employees will leave the company in the
first half of 2003. 
{More big corporate losses, more sweeping job cuts.  Who should we give
support, working class or capitalist class? See preceding piece.}


G.O.P. Lobbyists in Demand in New Congress
While most firms maintain a bipartisan array of lobbyists, their clients
know very well what it takes to reach the politicians on Capitol Hill. 
{A private lobby has more power than a private citizen.}

Pataki's Sugar Coating 
The governor of New York could, if he wanted to be a stand-up guy, tell
the hard truth about the state's calamitous fiscal situation 
{See California story, top of page.  NY & CA both have economic woes
despite having Governors from opposing parties

A Decision That Hurts Israeli Democracy 
The decision to deny candidacy to two prominent Arab legislators has
marred the Israeli Arab voters' faith in the election system. 
{Arab faith in the Israeli election system?  Always end the news with a
lighthearted bit.  Leave 'em laughing, I guess

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