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Not exactly: self-serving justification is more like it.  But who's

Wow! What a day.  First the story of "Little English Me" from our cousin
across the sea, and now... a personal appearance by the principal of Henwood
Junior High, publisher of the Left Bourgeois Observer, defender of those who
seek to find a "glimmer of hope" in Richard Lugar and Colin Powell for
restraining capital's rampage, Mr. Douglas Henwood.

Be still my heart.

First, the following disclaimer. I don't know Doug Henwood personally, but
that doesn't stop me from disliking him immensely.   I find his economic
narratives dull, empirical, and safely within the left bourgeois field of
analysis where nothing is changed and no action is implied or required by
the data.   I find his political mutteringS insipid and the perfect
complement to his economic descriptions in that no action is contemplated or
even possible.  Plus, he massacres the English language.  See his recent
communication .

I will not let any of that interfere with an objective analysis of his

Nor will I left the fact that he expelled me from his after school Gospel
Circle/Group Hug, LBO Talk, for my flippant attitude toward Sen. Lugar's
recipe for Lemon Fip Cake, color my view.

It is painfully  clear to the most casual observer that this self-published
piece of soul-searching by Mr. Henwood is the ooze of man about to ease
himself back into the arms of his lost love, the left wing of the Democratic

Notice how, in his description of the difference between the Dems and the
Republicans there is not a shred of historical materialsim indicating that
the oscillations of the state apparatus between the two parties are
determined by the economy, by capital, and as such not amenable to the good
intentions of individual or blocs of supporters and voters.

Notice how there is not the slightest understanding that each party paves
the way for the other to assume administrative responsibility for the
apparatus of capital in order to maintain the extraction of the surplus
value in either its more draconian or less draconian formulas.

And notice how nowhere in this or any article of Mr. Henwood's is there even
the slightest glimmer of hope for action on a class basis.  Now I ask, why
did this guy ever leave the Dems to begin with?

That's the long version.


Hey Lou, throw me a towel.  The guy left a puddle.

Shortest Version:

Dear Doug.  Don't call us, we'll call you.



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