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Wed Jan 8 06:40:20 MST 2003

Hello All,
Henwood writes,
Someone drew my attention to your great leader's typically
tendentious and selective excerpt of a piece I wrote, accompanied by
a typically malicious and dishonest headnote. Here's the full piece.
Judge for yourself if this is an embrace of the Democrats - though I
doubt there will be any public comments here, since anything but
nodding in agreement with The Master is forbidden on this list.

I notice here that DH is stuck trying to make an emotional point to this
list.  Rather than put his time in some place where the emotional
relationship is functioning, DH is trying to communicate with someone who
doesn't like him.  To me that is typical of how brains work.  One could use
the old label of dialectic to indicate the power of such processes.   So
powerful that despite the hazards and dangers of such communication people
(DH obviously is drawn to this conflict like the moth to the flame) seem
drawn to that.

The emotions of a dialectic are energy and growth.  One builds in ones mind
(doing brainwork) to meet the perceived feeling in one's self about whom one
is clashing.  Resolution is what feels right inside (in a person and in a
group, in a state).  A full dialectic brings into the open all the
complexity of social structure.  In that structure are potentials for
resolution for society.  For example final defeat of the republican
democrats in the U.S. as Charles suggests.  It depends upon what the masses
want to do.  But raw and engaging dialectical processes show the power of
Doyle Saylor

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