NAACP reaffirms opposition to Iraq war

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 Kweisi Mfume
                                                   Julian Bond
President and Chief Executive Officer
          Chairman, Board of Directors

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                January 3, 2003

Urges New Year Solutions of Peace over Resolutions of War

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
today reaffirmed its opposition to a U.S. war against Iraq in a
declaration issued by its Religious Affairs Department. The declaration,
prepared by a blue-ribbon taskforce of national multi-faith leaders, was
introduced during the NAACP 7th Annual National Religious Leadership
Summit last October.

Rev. Julius C. Hope, NAACP Religious Affairs Director, said: "As we begin
the New Year, it is vitally important that we seek solutions that offer
peace over resolutions that end in war. The religious summit delegation
took the extraordinary step in issuing an anti-war statement to galvanize
our collective spiritual power as people of God to emphasize that we
fundamentally oppose a war on Iraq." The faith community is the moral
conscious of this nation and this declaration demonstrates that we can
not sit idly by without calling for the U.S. to seek more Godly and holy
solutions of peace."

The anti-war declaration by the multi-denominational religious leaders
closely mirrors the resolution unanimously passed last fall by the NAACP
Board of Directors. The Board's resolution expresses opposition to war
against Iraq before all options are exercised, including but not limited
to United Nations arms inspection. It is the first policy position taken
by the NAACP concerning possible war in Iraq.

Julian Bond, chairman of the Board of Directors, said, "Our resolution
reflects serious discontent among African Americans and all Americans
about the risks and perils of war.''

Moreover, the NAACP Board resolution underscores that African American
and other minority youth and young adults are enrolled into service at
disproportionate rates to defend this nation and her honor.

The resolution introduced by Demetrius Prather, youth board member who
represents the NAACP Youth and College Division, also calls on NAACP
college chapters to host town hall meetings on campuses across the
country to gauge student sentiment about the possible war.

Founded in 1909, the NAACP is the nation's oldest and largest civil
rights organization. Its half-million adult and youth members throughout
the United States and the world are premier advocates for civil rights in
their communities, conducting voter mobilization and monitoring equal
opportunity in the public and private sectors.
Contact: NAACP Office of Communications  410.580-5125

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