Veterans Against The Iraq War [Excellent statement, for US vets and relatives]

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*****   Veterans Against The Iraq War

Dear Veteran:

With the prospect of a major war looming just over the horizon, and
the threats of more suffering from violence growing, the times are a
changing -- for the worse!

If you are convinced that a U.S. invasion of Iraq is wrong, then you
are confronted with a choice: You can ignore the growing crisis,
dismiss it as another political conflict beyond your influence, or
you can try to stop a war. You can band together with other veterans
and give voice to what all of us know is wrong: a war with Iraq.

While others pontificate and theorize about war, veterans know about
its realities. The present Administration is led by men and women who
chose not to go into the military and today have little understanding
of war and no comprehension of its consequences. They do not know
what you know, or feel what you feel. For all too many of them, war
is little more than an abstract exercise in geopolitics.

Whether you fought in a war, performed your duty in a support
capacity or served our nation during a time of peace, it's all the
same: America needs you, again! Whether you are liberal,
conservative, libertarian, centrist, green or whatever -- our country
needs you. Once, you put your body on the line in the service of our
nation. You can now serve our nation with your experience and your

This website will be a source for information and analysis, and in
the coming weeks, a robust forum for discussion and debate. Please
read the Statement of Purpose below, if you agree with it, fill out
the form and submit. There is a separate form for family members.
When Congress returns in January, this Statement with the list of
signatories will be delivered to Congress and disseminated to the

Stewart Nusbaumer
Igor Bobrowsky
Jan Barry

Statement of Purpose

Veterans Against The Iraq War is a coalition of American veterans who
oppose war with Iraq.

Until and unless the current U.S. Administration provides evidence
which clearly demonstrates that Iraq or any other nation poses a
clear, immediate danger to our country, we oppose all of the
Administration's pre-emptive and unilateral military and diplomatic
activities geared towards provoking or initiating a military conflict
with Iraq. Furthermore, we cannot support any war that is initiated
without a formal Declaration of War by Congress, as our Constitution

Although we detest the dictatorial policies of Saddam Hussein and
sympathize with the tragic plight of the Iraqi people, we oppose
unilateral and pre-emptive U.S. military intervention on the grounds
that it would establish a dangerous precedent in the conduct of
international affairs, that it could easily lead to an increase of
violent regional instability and the spread of a much wider conflict,
that it would place needless and unacceptable financial burdens on
the American people, that it would further divert us from addressing
critical domestic priorities, and that it would distract us from our
stated goal of destroying international terrorists and their lairs.

Furthermore, Veterans Against The Iraq War does not believe the
American military can or should be used as the police-force of the
world by any Administration, Republican or Democrat. Consequently, we
believe that the lives and well-being of our nation's soldiers,
sailors, airmen and marines should not be squandered or sacrificed
for causes other than the direct defense of our people and our nation.

Finally, we believe that a pre-emptive and unilateral US military
attack on Iraq would be illegal, unnecessary, counterproductive and
present a truly dire threat to our vital international interests and
basic national security. As military veterans, we have a unique
understanding of war and know the many hidden truths that lie behind
easy theories and promises, as well as behind the tragic consequences
that even victory brings. We therefore call on all like-minded
American veterans to join and support VAIW in its efforts to avert a
national tragedy and an international calamity before it begins.

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