Carlos Vilas throw in the sponge

Richard Fidler rfidler at
Wed Jan 8 19:19:10 MST 2003

Carlos Vilas, in "Between Market Democracies and Capitalist Globalization:
Is There Any Prospect for Social Revolution in Latin America?" [Socialism
and Democracy, Current Issue #32 Vol 16, No. 2]


>> While progressive structural change is still on the agenda, the basic
institutions of capitalist (bourgeois) democracy, even in their mild
market-friendly version, are the dominant political arrangement in Latin
America. Even if the hypothesis that new revolutions are coming is still a
topic for academic debate, such debate no longer looks relevant for today's
political and social actors. Fostering representative democracy and endowing
it with the efficacy to enact social reforms and to confront the negative
sides of capitalist globalization and its domestic expressions is the most
that can be expected from today's progressive political or social
involvement. <<


This is pathetic.

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