Jaggi Singh Nabbed in Jerusalem

Tony Tracy tony at tao.ca
Wed Jan 8 20:09:45 MST 2003

Jaggi Singh, an activist who has been involved in anti-globalization
struggles here in Canada, amongst other struggles, has been re-arrested in
Jerusalem, presumably for violating the conditions imposed on him by an
Israeli judge which prohibited him from visiting the West Bank & Gaza.

- Tony

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Subject:  Montreal January 8th - Jaggi Singh Nabbed in Jerusalem
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Jaggi Singh Nabbed in Jerusalem

Montreal, January 8th 2003 -- Jaggi Singh, a Montreal based activist and
organizer, was kidnapped today in Jerusalem by a group of undercover
Israeli police officers. He was on his way to visit a friend, and was
arrested as he arrived at his friend's apartment. Jaggi traveled to Israel
and the Occupied Territories on the invitation of the International
Solidarity Movement (ISM). The ISM is a Palestinian-led movement which
brings together Palestinians and Internationals to fight the Israeli
occupation through non-violent direct action. Jaggi was also providing
written and audio reports to various independent news organizations and
activist networks about the situation on the ground in the Occupied

Jaggi's kidnapping comes after his trip to the Occupied Territories had
ended and as he prepared to leave Israel. He planned return to Canada on
January 11th. When Jaggi first arrived in Israel in mid-December, he was
refused entry to the country. He refused to be refused andwas immediately
detained; he spent two days fighting an illegal deportation from Israel.
Israel has refused 10,000 internationals over the past 2 years.

After winning a court battle with the assistance of Israeli lawyer Shamai
Leibowitz, Jaggi was granted entry into Israel with the condition that he
leave the country by December 23rd. The judge also barred him from
entering the Occupied Territories. This condition, imposed by the Tel Aviv
District Court, is illegal according to Canadian and International Law.
Israel has no has absolutely no legal authority over the Palestinian
Territories and therefore cannot decide who is allowed entry and who is

Jaggi is currently being held at the Russian Compound in Jerusalem, an
Israeli Jail notorious for torturing Palestinians. No details are being
released as to the nature of Jaggi's charges -- if any are being laid --
or how long he will be held.

Today's nabbing illustrates the lengths to which the state of Israel will
go to silence voices critical of the occupation.

Please call the following numbers and urge the Canada's Department of
Foreign Affairs to intervene politically and pressure the Israeli
government to ensure that Jaggi is released swiftly and returns home

===> The Canadian Embassy in Tel Aviv:
Phone: +011-972-3-636-3300
Fax: (011 9723) 636-3380
E-mail Address: taviv at dfait-maeci.gc.ca

===> The 24/7 Operations Center at the Department of Foreign Affairs in
Ottawa: Phone: 1-800-267-6788 or 613-944-6788.

===> Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham's Office: 613-995-1851

You can also call the Russian Compound at +011-972-2-539-1340 ask for
Shimi Marciano.

For more information please email Stefan at christoff at tao.ca or
Andrea at andrea at tao.ca.

For more information about the International Solidarity Movement, check
out the website: http://www.palsolidarity.org.

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