Why is capitalism in crisis?

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Thu Jan 9 00:55:47 MST 2003

And if you ask me, this is the book all
anti-globalization activists and leftists should
be reading and talking about, NOT Negri's idiotic
Empire nor Stiglitz's screed (afterall, doesn't
the guy still really think the WB can be
fixed--he only burned bridges if the US system
gets out of this mess quickly), but:

Super Imperialism: The Origins & Fundamentals of
U.S. World Dominance
Michael Hudson
Our Price: £25.00

Availability: usually dispatched within 3 to 5


This revised edition describes the genesis of
America's political and financial domination.
Michael Hudson's study of US financial diplomacy
explores the faults built into the core of the
World Bank and the IMF at their inception which -
he argues - were intended to preserve the US's
financial hegemony. Difficult to detect at the
time, these problems have since become explicit
as the failure of the international economic
system has become apparent; the IMF and World
Bank were set up to give aid to developing
countries, but instead many of the world's
poorest countries have been plunged into
insurmountable debt crises. Hudson's critique of
the destructive course of the international
economic system provides insights into the real
motivations at the heart of these institutions -
and the increasing tide of opposition that they
face around the world.


And Pilger's updated "The New Rulers of the
World" should not be overlooked.


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