Venezuela Plans to Split State Oil Company

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Thu Jan 9 12:59:48 MST 2003

<It is an interesting moment in history. Never was there such
desperation to get their hands on reliable energy supplies visible in
the capitalist class and its ruling elites. Never were the risks of
military adventures in the Middle East backfiring, so fraught with
consequence for the entire capitalist world order.>


Eyes On The Prize

by Glenn Weiser

A recently uncovered energy-policy report from April 2001 suggests that
the Bush administration has been plotting action against Iraq since well
before 9/11—and that the motivation is oil

In April 2001, we could pick up a newspaper and read about race riots in
Cincinnati, preparations for the controversial World Economic Forum in
Quebec City, or the diplomatic fallout from the collision of U.S. and
Chinese military planes over the South China Sea. For lighter fare,
there was the 20th anniversary of E.T., the divorce of Tom Cruise and
Nicole Kidman, and the arrest of Sean “Puffy” Combs on a weapons charge
in Florida. The New York Yankees, meanwhile, were preparing for the new
season and a chance at their fourth consecutive World Series title.

Spring was in the air, and Americans could go about their business
blissfully unaware that five months later, on Sept. 11, 2001, the world
as we knew it would change forever.

Americans also were blissfully unaware that deep within the closed-door
world of the Washington power elite, a blueprint was being drawn up for
a confrontation with Iraq—one that eventually would be sold to the
American public as a necessary preemptive strike in the 9/11-inspired
war on terrorism.


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