Emperor's New Clothes backs Israel to the hilt

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“Palestine Is Our
Land And The Jews Our Dogs”
Anti-Semitism, Misinformation, And
The Whitewashing Of The Palestinian

By Francisco J. Gil-White

Until last spring I held what people call a pro-Palestinian position.

Like many intellectuals I had adopted Arafat’s cause, taking what I 
believed was a principled stand that blamed Israel for the conflict in 
the Middle East, and especially for the suffering of Palestinians. 
Because I come from a Catholic background, and because there is a long 
and violent history of Catholic anti-Semitism (though not in my family), 
I always made clear that I supported the right of the State of Israel to 
exist, and that my position had nothing to do with animosity against Jews.

In April 2002, I noticed that media coverage of the fighting in Jenin 
was manifestly one-sided (against Israel). I began to look into this and 
also into the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This work 
made me realize that my sympathy for Mr. Arafat was based on false 

full: http://emperors-clothes.com/gilwhite/Israel.htm


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