Petition: Open Letter to President Bush [Venezuela]

Hunter Gray hunterbadbear at
Fri Jan 10 13:24:09 MST 2003

"To:  President Bush
Open letter to President Bush and the U.S. State Department,

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela's peaceful, democratic political
revolution, facilitated by the Hugo Chavez administration, has implemented
transcendental changes that are leading the country and its people on a new
path that is being cleared through a profound democratic process. These
changes, many of which are written into Venezuela's constitution (approved
in 1999 through a national referendum), have provided for a more direct,
mass participation of the Venezuelan people in the decision making process
regarding local, regional or national issues. The creation of the Councils
of Coordination and Planning of Public Policy, (article 166 of the
Venezuelan Constitution), and of the Local Councils of Public Planning,
(article 182), are just two of many possibilities by which neighbor
associations, artists, community and cultural groups, Bolivarian circles,
and others can design, supervise, and implement policies and projects at the
community and regional level in coordination with local mayors and state
governors of different regions throughout Venezuela. "

More follows -- and here's the link to the full letter and PETITION:

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