Cairo declaration against war

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Fri Jan 10 21:10:28 MST 2003

Members of the list might like to read the article Sara Flounders, who
represented the International Action Center in Cairo, wrote for Workers World:

Cairo Conference backs Jan. 18 protests
Calls for solidarity with Iraq and Palestine
By Sara Flounders
An international conference of over 400 representatives of popular organizations from
20  countries met in Cairo, Egypt, from Dec. 18-19 and resolved to take action in
solidarity with the people of Iraq against threatened U.S. aggression and in solidarity
with the Palestinian movement for self-determination.
The conference, called the Inter national Campaign Against U.S. Aggression on Iraq
 (ICAA), created a steering committee whose first order of business is to mobilize
 worldwide for mass demonstrations against U.S. war plans on Jan. 18.
The whole article is at:

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