Jan. 18 antiwar action in Tucson, Arizona

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Jan. 18 Peace Action in Arizona.
Author: Joe Bernick
People's Weekly World Newspaper, Jan 11, 2003

TUCSON - Over 40 Arizona organizations have answered a call from the Tucson
Peace Action Coalition to cosponsor a massive peace march and rally in
Tucson on Jan. 18. The action is demanding "No attack on Iraq, and that the
resources be spent, instead, for education, health care and our ailing

Action organizers have noted widespread disgust with the Bush
administration's plans to launch an attack on Iraq. A plea for money to
place a full-page anti-war ad in the Jan. 12 Arizona Star has brought in a
avalanche of support. Hundreds of Arizonans sent in checks, many with notes
thanking organizers for their leadership in mobilizing the community.

The action will commence at 10 a.m. at the University of Arizona's main gate
and will include a march along Speedway Blvd. to De Anza Park on Speedway
and Stone Ave. At the park organizers are planning a massive rally with
speeches, music, theater, food and jugglers.

Organizers in Phoenix have promised at least one busload of supporters and
car pools are being organized to bring peace supporters in from Bisbee,
Tubac and Green Valley.

This action follows a similar protest last Oct. 19 that saw 2,000 Tucsonans
rally for peace in the largest anti-war action in Arizona since the Viet Nam
era. Organizers expect the Jan. 18 march and rally to be even bigger.

Besides the large number of traditional peace groups sponsors include Jobs
with Justice, the National Organization for Women, Coalicion de Derechos
Humanos, Salt of the Earth Labor College, the Communist Party USA and
several student organizations.

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