The George Ryan mystery [and the Altgeld pardons]

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Sun Jan 12 06:34:30 MST 2003

Jim Farmelant -

It's  possible that you know much more than I about the Governor Altgeld
1893 pardons of the surviving Haymarket victims of hideous judicial
frame-up.     However, I do know very well indeed that a major figure active
for years on behalf of the victims and their families was William Mackintire
Salter [of Cambridge, MA and Silver Lake, NH], a founder [with Felix Adler]
of the Ethical Culture Society.  Salter, a close colleague of Jane Addams
and leader of the Chicago Ethical movement, was the man who adopted my
full-blooded Native father in what became a problematic adoption [to put it
mildly.]  Salter was a leader in the almost all-White Indian Rights
Association and, in 1909, was a signer of the call to organization of NAACP.
In any event, I do know from his papers and other materials, that he fought
long and hard and courageously to build the kind of pressure that led to the
Haymarket pardons.  He did so at considerable risk to himself.

I've always been personally interested in this and am now especially, since
later on this year, in the spring, I'll be speaking on William M. Salter,
his life and meaning, and especially that for our family at a gathering
organized by the Ethical Humanist Society of Greater Chicago.

As Ever - H

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remembering way. [Hunterbear]

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