Americana - When will Judge Judy judge Bush's war against Iraq ?

Jurriaan Bendien J.Bendien at
Sun Jan 12 12:48:49 MST 2003

Thanks Louis, for clarifying the Judge Judy show. You get some of these
shows in Holland as well, we have quite a lot of American TV programmes (for
example the Playboy version of Judge Judy). My guess is that the American
shows are cheaper to run, and that they go for the lowest common

Ideology is a strange, contradictory thing, because if masses of Americans
watch these legal shows, then you might infer that they do have a concern
with justice, and if they have that, how can they be for a war with Iraq ? I
think it is a fair question. Of course, I am taking a naive viewpoint in
saying this, and I looking at it from an outsiders perspective. But it is a
peculiar thing indeed that American justice seems to have this parochial
quality to which you refer.

Personally I watch little TV these days, it doesn't make me feel good to say
the least, it is just too much propaganda, advertising and sensation.
Generally, the Dutch media are still very good comparatively speaking, they
do report the news and political/social discussions quite well. Even so, you
get to a limit of what you want to take in.

I can guess why you mentioned about Woody Allen and stuff, but really it has
little to do with me you know. I don't really feel neurotic, more frustrated
if anything.  The film by Allen that I really liked was Annie Hall, that was
a classic, a sort of archetype. But apart from that I don't think I will get
interested again, until he makes a good anti-war movie, for example, or if
he tackled Zionism in a profound and critical way. But there I am probably
hoping for far too much.

I have been to see Lord of the Rings Part 2 (filmed in New Zealand, where I
lived) with a friend who really likes that stuff, but I felt sick afterwards
and I thought, what an incredible waste of brilliant artistry and technique.
I am baffled that people can enjoy this. I went to see Part 1 with this
friend, and we both agreed it was much better, even so, I wasn't very
enthusiastic about that either. I enjoyed Tolkien's books when I was 15 or
so, but that was about it. Nowadays you need a big media filter for
yourself, for the sake of your own mental health !



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