Oil and overproduction 3

Mark Jones markjones011 at tiscali.co.uk
Sun Jan 12 17:17:51 MST 2003

David Walters wrote:

> Assuming we all agree that only a socialist solution can frame the
> parameters of a solution to the problem of 'finite' fossil fuels, the
> our-right dismissal of all...I mean ALL, research into
> alternative fuels and
> energy solutions by Mark Jones is hardly 'scholarly'.

I don't want to hog the debate here and I've posted before and quite
recently, some of the reasons why windpower, photovoltaics, and some other
alternatives David mentions, cannot substitute for hydrocarbon energy and
feedstocks. I am not opposed to research into alternatives but the idea that
such research can enable a smooth and painless transition to the post-fossil
era is wrong. It is wishful thinking. Solar energy, which means wind, wave
and photovoltaics, can never, for well known reasons (and if you twist my
arm I'll post on them in extenso) supply more than a small percentage of the
energy we now use and which is derived from fossil fuels. The approach of
the Oil Peak is both a fatal impasse for modern capitalism, and a
life-and-death issue for literally billions of people. The political
solutions we canvas and the analyses we make must address the depth of the
crisis, or we risk appearing simply frivolous.

I reject the notion that the arguments I put forward are 'Apocalyptic'; but
they do have the merit of avoiding wishful thinking.


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