Oil and overproduction 3

viveka kaliyuga at humboldt1.com
Sun Jan 12 19:48:08 MST 2003

> I'll stick with my lack of scholarship and with my understanding of Marx
> overproduction.
In other words, you're happy to ignore reality and cling to theory.  It
seems to me that you are using theory to prove a fact, rather than the
reverse - which is not very Marxist.  It's like looking at an empty wine
glass and trying to prove that it "should" only be half empty, when the
reality is staring you in the face.  Either oil reserves are close to a
crisis level or they are not.  It's all quite simple, even if you prefer to
complicate matters.

If you disagree with the "facts" as Mark presents, certainly you should come
forth and present them.  Both Lou and Jon Flanders checked out the veracity
of Mark's assessment of the Caspian reserve and found it to be accurate.
But perhaps you are privy to contrary facts which you would like to share
with us.


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