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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Mon Jan 13 09:26:42 MST 2003

> Pugliese:
> "Ah yes, Lou Paulsen of the Chicago branch of the
> Workers World Party.
>    That Lou was on Doug Henwood's lbo-talk list for a
> while last yr. Under a multi-tendency polemical
> barrage
> from my friend, Thomas Seay, an ex-maoist from the CWP
> now a libertarian socialist who translates texts by
> Toni Negri, anarchist Chuck Munson of the Black Bloc,
> Dennis Perrin who used to work for the media watchdogs
> FAIR, me and many others, Paulsen was unable to defend
> such historical/ideological positions of the WWP as
> their support for the suppression of the Tienanmen
> Square students, the crushing of the Hungarian Revolt
> in '56, support for Milosevic..."

Here's an example of the "polemics" Dennis Perrin used on Henwood's list:

 >>Yeesh. I click on the streaming video and who do I see first? Why,
Larry  Holmes of the fascist Workers World Party, the folks who backed
Chinese state violence in Tienanmen Square. (I see that Holmes has been
working on  his Farrakhan impression.) Must we link arms with assholes
like these? parasites who have no popular support but who latch onto any
movement they can to advance their twisted authoritarian agenda? Fuck
them and Ramsey Clark.


Until Perrin unsubbed from Henwood's list to complete work on a book
that is certainly destined for the B&N remainders bin, this was the sort
of thing he had been writing for months against people like Lou Paulsen,
Carroll Cox and Yoshie Furuhashi--3 of the few more outspoken Marxists
that kept up a residence there. When Henwood booted Charles Januzzi for
a much milder infraction, the only conclusion one could draw is that he
was creating a list hospitable to red-baiters, for that's the only word
that can describe the sort of trash above. A lot of this junk is written
from the standpoint of "libertarian socialism", autonomist Marxism or
anarchism. As far as I'm concerned, it is old fashioned anti-Communism
and becoming more virulent day by day as a new 1914 takes shape.


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