Trade Unionists Launch 'U.S. Labor Against the War'

Stuart Lawrence stuartwl at
Mon Jan 13 11:26:24 MST 2003

Louis Proyect <lnp3 at> wrote

>I remember Bill from the KC branch of the SWP, which he presumably
>dropped out of somewhere along the line--this being the only possible
>interpretation of his petite-bourgeois refusal to work with a genuine
>anti-imperialist movement as opposed to these pacifist fakers.

I'm not sure I understand who you're calling "pacifist fakers," Louis, or
why. Are you referring to the Labor Party, whose Interim National Council
Bill Onasch is a member of, or to Teamsters Local 705, or Bill's own union,
or to everyone involved in U.S. Labor Against the War? Maybe you know
something I don't but that seems like an awfully broad brush you're

Stuart Lawrence

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