Nathan Newman joins Pugliese in Redbaiting

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Mon Jan 13 12:00:01 MST 2003

Note by Hunterbear:

Don't try that one on me, Nathan Newman. Come to think of it, we haven't
heard much from you lately.  Your color -- Yellow -- does show well these

My post was focused solely on Governor Ryan's courageous action, Pugliese's
vilifying  and divisive attacks, ASDnet's well-known sterility, and DSA's
growing impotence.  I've said nothing about Hungary or any of those other
issues. Take those up with others, if you wish.

Unless something really unusual develops, this is my last comment on this

Hunter [Hunterbear]  DSA, Solidarity, SPUSA, CCDS -- and three labor unions

"Nathan Newman writes:

Crying "redbaiting" is just a form of mccarthyism within the left, an
attempt to shut people up when they raise criticism of policies.  Michael
has no power to take jobs away from Workers World members or throw them in
jail-- he is criticizing their support for dictators and thugs around the

You may find the Soviet suppression of Hungarians in 1968, the shooting of
Czechs in the streets of 1968, and the murder of students in Beijing in 1989
to be dandy service to the revolution, but Michael has the perfect right
(and I support him) in arguing that those in  the WWP who applaud the murder
of other leftists should not be considered comrades.

-- Nathan Newman"

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