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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jan 13 12:03:45 MST 2003

Les Schaffer wrote:
>  [submitted from unsubbed address ]
> 1,125, 625,000,000 barrels.  Let's say 1 trillion.  At the present rate
> of consumption, less than 80 million barrels a day,  that will take us
> forward another 40 years.

This really epitomizes the problem. Both sides appear to agree on the
time-frame, but draw different interpretations from the significance. If
somebody assured me that there was at least 40 years worth of fresh
water left, my reaction would be a combination of gloom and
revolutionary zeal. As Marxists, we are stewards of the planet. We fight
capitalism because among all the other ills attributable to it it is
squandering and or destroying the water, air, flora and fauna of the
planet. As stewards, we take a long-term view. We fight against the
steady march of multinational corporations into the rainforests where
animals like the organgutan and possibly cancer-fighting herbs both
dwell. If we were assured that the Amazon and Borneo rainforests had a
good 4 decades to go before they were leveled or transformed into lawn
furniture for Pier One, we'd be outraged. No amount of homilies from
"Value, Price and Profit" will change that.


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