The response by Pugliese ['50s/'60s Redbaiting]

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> As you have likely noted, one of the groups to which I belong is
> Along with Solidarity and CCDS -- and the Anti-Racism dimension of
> DSA -- I
> like it.  And YPSL at this point seems quite OK.

It should be noted that the old Socialist Party split up
into several groups following the death of Norman Thomas.
Harrington, I believe, had been pegged to be Thomas'
successor but not all factions of the SP were agreeable
to this.  A rightist faction which included people like
the notorious Sidney Hook broke off to form
the Social Democrats of America, Harrington
himself became the leader of another break away
group, DSOC which later merged with the New
American Movement to form DSA.  Another
faction continued under the Socialist Party label,
which is now lead by people like David McReynolds.

Jim F.

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>  Then
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> remembering way. [Hunterbear]

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