One more time....

David Schanoes dmsch at
Mon Jan 13 16:54:54 MST 2003

[ quoted text snipped. your making me run out of steam, David ]

Wait I'm back.  Given all the sparks that have flown, I must preface this by
stating I offer the following with good humor and respect to those who took
part in the discussion:

Gift suggestions after the long hard road of the debate:

For Mark Jones:  Working replica of Thunderdome, with scale model of

For LP: A chair, recycled non-plastic, and a whip (good old leather) for
keeping the snarling animals in line.

For DMS:  A drink, two drinks, as a matter of fact three drinks.  Havana
Club Anejo, Chilled, served staight up with lime.  No sugar.  At a bar I can
walk to.  No autos.

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