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I was stunned and delighted with Gov. Ryan's actions and enjoyed Lou
Paulsen's observations. I THINK (though am not sure) that Lous Paulsen and I
have a friendly exchange a couple of years ago (friendly considering our
sharply differing positions) and if you are in touch with him, do give him
regards. (If it is  the wrong person he'll think you've lost touch!)


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 From Hunterbear: [FWD from Redbadbear -- and a repost on Redbadbear with
 this expanded prologue from me.]


 This is the post on Governor Ryan and his courageous action made by Lou
 Paulsen  who, along with me and several hundred others, is on the
 broad-based Marxism Discussion list.  He lives in Chicago and his
 and well-organized perceptions on the Ryan commutations are well worth
 reading.  The fact that Lou happens to be a member of Workers World touched
 off, as you can see, the usual diversionary Red-baiting on ASDnet, etc. by
 Michael Pugliese  who spotted and recognized Lou's name in my post [and
 by some of the other usual attack pack.]  At that point, I had not posted
 Lou's letter.  I'm certainly glad to do so now.

 For my part, and still speculative as it is, I'm inclined to see the
 increasingly frequent statements against the death penalty by the Vatican
 and the Bishops as a substantial piece in Ryan's actions.  I'm quite sure
 he's Catholic.

 Hunter [Hunterbear]  DSA Anti-Racism, SPUSA, Solidarity, CCDS, [also


 The George Ryan mystery


 From: LouPaulsen
 Subject: The George Ryan mystery
 Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 04:36:53 -0800

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