Call for national student strike March 5

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Forwarded from David McReynolds:
The broad base of this coalition (see the end) suggests there is a real
chance of such a strike taking place.
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 The Bush administration is intent on plunging America into an
 illegitimate and pre-emptive war that will only increase danger for
 Americans and the world.  At the same time education, healthcare, and
 the economy are being neglected.  Its time for youth and students to
 take a stand for America's future!


 Books Not Bombs!  Stop The War Against Iraq!

 The National Youth and Student Peace Coalition (NYSPC) calls upon
 students on campuses across the United States to join us in a one-day
 student strike on March 5th, 2003.  See <> for details.

 As students and youth, our futures will be shaped by the actions that
 the Bush administration takes today.  A US attack on Iraq will

 - Endanger the lives of US servicemen and women
 - Increase the suffering and misery of the Iraqi people while
 slaughtering thousands of innocent people
 - Encourage terror attacks against the US around the world and at home,
 - Be used as an excuse to erode civil liberties
 - Divert resources from education and social services
 - Subvert historical precedent and international law

 As students and youth, the future of this country, we are disturbed by
 the lack of attention paid to the real needs of Americans, especially
 education.  Financial aid opportunities and family income are rapidly
 losing ground to the rising cost of higher education. *1  Low-income
 families are facing decreasing access to education.  Student debt is
 increasing. *2  All while the US military budget steadily increases (12%
 from 2000 to 2002 *3).

 We say NO! to this war of terror to increase American power and take
 control of strategic oil supplies.


 US Government:
 - End the drive for military action and sanctions that target the people
 of Iraq
 - Fund education to ensure that everyone in the US has access to higher
 - Re-allocate military funds to eliminating poverty and building peace
 and home and abroad

 Campus Administrators:
 - Declare opposition to the war
 - Disclose and eliminate military research contracts
 - Freeze or lower tuition and fees
 - Transfer money for JROTC to college preparation and counseling and
 from and ROTC to financial aid

 The Bush Administration's war on Iraq is a venture for control of the
 region and its oil supplies, not national security, democracy, or human
 rights.  Our campuses provide implicit support for this through military
 research, recruiting, and ROTC programs.  As students who value freedom,
 democracy, and our education we say: THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE!  The best
 way to improve our national security is to halt drives for illegal and
 immoral wars and redirect public funds from the military and arms trade
 to education and social services at home and humanitarian aid abroad.
 Take a stand with students across the nation on March 5th to build
 toward this collective vision.

 1. College Board (as reported in the Michael A. Fletcher, Washington
 Post, Dec. 10, 2001, Page A01)
 2. Sherschel, Particia M.  USA Group Report.  June, 2000.  See: <>
 3. Deen, Thalif.  "U.N. says Nations Reveal Arms Spending - but Spend
 More."  Inter Press Service.  Oct. 7, 2002

 *As of Jan. 1st, 2003, this campaign is heating up!  We need your help!
 In addition to organizing on your own campus, the campaign needs your
 help with outreach, resource development, and fundraising.  See
 <> for details as they become available!

 *NYSPC is a coalition made up of the following national organizations:
 180/Movement for Democracy and Education, Black Radical Congress-Youth
 Division, Campus Greens, Muslim Students Association of the US and
 Canada, National Youth Advocacy Coalition, "Not With Our Money" (project
 of the Prison Moratorium Project), Student Environmental Action
 Coalition, Student Peace Action Network, Students United for a
 Responsible Global Environment, Students Transforming and Resisting
 Corporations, United Students Against Sweatshops, United States Student
 Association, Young Communist League, Young Democratic Socialists, Young
 People's Socialists League.


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