Latecoming to a closed debate

David Schanoes dmsch at
Tue Jan 14 06:10:14 MST 2003

Without referring to oil:  No, in essence a resource war would be a
manifestation of class war.

However, the trick is to identify it as such, and show its origin in the
relations of production.

And it's a vital task to do so as the bougeoisie will be quick to create
their false ideology of "common interests"  that the resource is vital to
all of us Good Americans regardless of class.

Certain other wonderful things slipped off laps and went unacknowledged.
Most importantly for me LP's short criticism of the 'formalism" that Trotsky
had expressed in his homage to big dams, and the dangerous extension of that
formalism into eugenics.

This formalism has been a current in Marxism since the late 19th century and
has impeded revolutionary analyses whenever it raises its head.

It's as if they got the electricity part, but left out the soviets in their
definitions of socialism.

And nothing is more barbaric than eugenics.  Not even religion, the
military, or even the family.


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