Oil and Overproduction

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Tue Jan 14 21:21:39 MST 2003

>   Are you saying that if, say, the current excess electricity that
>   is being generated by Danish windpower were set to producing
>   hydrogen, nothing would be gained?

in ideal form:

   what would be "gained" is the wind energy captured by the turbines
   and converted to that "excess electricity".

   this energy (actually, some fraction of it) goes temporarily into
   seperating hydrogen from oxygen in water (electrolysis).

   this stored wind energy (in the hydrogen waiting to burn) is
   regained (actually, some fraction of it) once the hydrogen is
   oxidized -- producing water again.

this doesn't count energy costs to store and transport hydrogen, etc.

fuel cells are a relatively efficient way of doing the "hydrogen
burning" to regain that "gained" energy.

les schaffer

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