Oil and Overproduction

David Schanoes dmsch at attglobal.net
Tue Jan 14 22:27:23 MST 2003


Re the fuel cell automobile.--

Finished with the Havana Club, now it's easy to imagine myself as the
short-sighted capitalist bastard American needs me to be....

And I say, hey how much is this thing going to cost me?  I say how many can
I produce for the amount the investment in production will cost  me.  I say,
wait a minute,  who's going to create the hydrogen refueling network, and I
going to have to fund that to create the infrastructure necessary to put my
little green buggies on the road.

And I say this, it's all about dollars.  So if my motors are cleaner but
more expensive, if my cars require less "capital" maintenance, i.e.
overhaul, replacement of parts, etc. but more day to day operating costs,
I'm in the soup.

I say, being a bourgeois, "Never Happen."

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