Oil and Overproduction

Mark Jones markjones011 at tiscali.co.uk
Wed Jan 15 05:35:14 MST 2003

Charles Jannuzi wrote:

> I don't think it's going to be anywhere near as
> soon as Mark thinks.

While one can only be glad of a more serious and informed debate, for us to
progress any further the debate about reserves and depletion (or anything
else for that matter) needs to be much better researched and better informed
and cannot usefully proceed on the basis of more-or-less unsupported
assertions. The questions about oil are complex by nature and by definition,
and the subject is shrouded in thickets of official secrecy, misinformation,
state propaganda and lies. We have an obligation imo to do our best to
penetrate this undergrowth (and no-one is better at creating vast
statistical smokescreens to support plausible but disingenuous argument if
not forged and simply wrongful misinformation, than the US Energy
Information Agency, or the US Geological Service, or bodies like the
International Energy Authority; as for statements by for example Russian oil
corps or the Russian govt, nothing they ever say can be taken at
face-value). I'm not really interested in shooting the breeze about this, or
engaging in pointless speculations in the near-absence of the kind of
determined and rleentless pursuit of the facts which is actually necessary.
Citing Marx (often incorrectly) as a way of avoiding the need to reckon with
the facts is also not only  political disservice to the working class and
our cause, it is also the opposite of Marx's own method, which was to
abandon empty theorising and relentlessly search out the facts, the facts,
the facts. I'm happy to engage with anyone who is serious about doing this,
whatever their *opinions* may be. But I'm not going to be engaging with
vapid and airy generalisations, self-important opinionating and general
bullshit. Sorry to sound misanthropic but life's too short, and I have too
much else to do. (These remarks are not directed at Charles Januzzi btw,
whose postings especially about Japan I read with intrerest, or indeed at
anyone in particular).


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