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On Thu, 16 Jan 2003 10:25:17 +1100 "Tom O'Lincoln"
<suarsos at alphalink.com.au> writes:
> I think the "managerial revolution" notion really goes back to Bruno
> Rizzi. Trotsky
> accused both Burnham and Shachtman of pirating Rizzi's ideas, but
> Rizzi's work
> was hard to track down; and Shachtman with his usual scathing wit
> cast doubt
> on his existence. But not long ago I read that Rizzi really did
> exist. From
> memory I think his book was called La Bureaucratisation du Monde,
> i.e. Bureaucratisation
> of the World.

In that book he formulated the theory of bureacratic collectivism which
was then taken up by Burnham and and Shachtman.  For Rizzi
(and Burnham and Shachtman), bureacratic collectivism
represented a new mode of production which was taking
the place of capitalism, without itself being socialist, and was
appearing in such
forms as Italian fascism, Stalinism, and the US New Deal.
Apparently, Rizzi accused Burnham of plagiarism when
he wrote *The Managerial Revolution*.  After WW II,
Rizzi made his living as a shoe manufacturer and wrote
in support of market socialism.

Jim F.

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