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 From Revolutionary History Vol 4 No 3 (a fab magazine, available in all
good left-wing bookshops): :-)

"During the anxious months following the conclusion of the Munich Agreement
in September 1938, before the signature of the Nazi-Communist Pact on 23
August 1939, and the German invasion of Poland which followed a few days
later, Bruno Rizzi (1901-1977), a hitherto unknown Marxist Socialist from
the small village of Gargnano on the mountainous shore of Lake Garda in
Northern Italy, argued furiously with Trotskyist militants and
intellectuals in Paris and London over the nature of the Soviet Union.
These debates helped to give birth to his momentous volume La
Bureaucratisation du Monde, which caused Trotsky in his last year to
question the very certainty of the Socialist millennium to which he had
devoted all his life and strength hitherto.
Trotsky's misgivings indeed seem to have been rather more far-reaching than
he saw fit publicly to declare at that time. Thus Jean Van Heijenoort, his
loyal and longest serving private secretary, relates in his memoirs that
already in June and July 1939 Trotksy was preoccupied with the theme of
'socialism or barbarism', adding pointedly: "I have the impression that his
thoughts had advanced further than what he was ready to put to paper"."

Of course, who knows whether it's true or not. I remember reading the Rizzi
book ages ago, and I don't recall it being 'momentous'. You kinda suspect
Trotsky was mainly using Rizzi as a stalking horse for his own ideas.

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