Brazilian Workers Extend Solidarity to Bolivarian Venezuela

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Thu Jan 16 07:02:13 MST 2003

[Forward by John Manning from Hora do Povo, a Brazilian labour paper in São
Paulo. Translation by Manning.]

"The Brazilian General Central of Labor, (CGTB) is organizing a Solidarity
Brigade to Venezuela, responding to the request of President Hugo Chavez, to
defeat the lockout which has affected the popular economy. In its desire to
dominate the world, U.S. imperialism makes use of a small caste of managers
of the PVDSA, (the Venezuelan State Petroleum Authority).to boycott the
production of petroleum for the country, which is its main wealth, for more
than 30 days. With our help, this criminal action will be defeated."
affirmed Antonio Neto, president of the Central and Vice-President of t he
World Federation of Trade Unions, (WFTU).

Pointing out that "This is not a strike but a criminal boycott against the
population and the country", Neto underlined the importance of this support:
"A brigade of Brazilian workers is being organized with all the trade union
representatives of oil workers of the entire country in order to present the
most representative delegation to seend to Venezuela." "We will give our
cooperation in the struggle against the coupist and fascist movement
directed by the North American Empire, which is desperate at the retaking of
economic growth , with the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people, under the
firm command of Chavez, who struggles day and night for the strengthening of
his country, where the income from petroleum is fundamental for
development," he declared.

Social Advances

CGTB Secretary of International Relations, Maria Pimentel, reminded that, in
the month of July, on the invitation of the Venezuelan Secretary of Labor,
Neto was received by President Hugo Chavez in Caracas, "bringing the support
of the Central to the conquests of the workers and of the revolutionary
process proceeding in Venezuela..The advances and gains of this revolution
are the best demonstration possible",: said President Neto, "that it is
possible , with the sovereignty, independence and participation of the
people, to construct a free country which has as its center the development,
the work and the rights of the people guaranteed.".

As Vice-President of the World Federation of Trade Unions for South
Ameerica, Neto led a top level delegation of investigation and support
headed by WFTU General Secretary Alexander Zharikov to Caracas on the
invitation extended by Venezuela to all trade unions of the world to come
and see for themselves. "We could witness the popular and trade union
support that President Chavez is receiving from his people for his fight and
firmness in the defense of the interests of his country and nation," said
the trade union leader. "For the first time,"said Neto,

"the Venezuelan workers are having effective participation in the
government, What is happening in PDVSA is a blackout, a sabotage against the
popular economy, because Chavez faced and combated the juicy privileges of a
small cabal that tries to prevent the Venezuelan people from controlling
their main wealth".

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