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David Schanoes dmsch at
Thu Jan 16 18:04:45 MST 2003

Totally sympathetic to your reaction, particularly to radio.  But its
possible to find items of significance in papers.

My view is somewhat more optimistic-- . Indications are in the US that
opposition to the war, as non-revolutionary and non- class specific as it
is, has to be, at this point, is more widespread than previously believed.
Remember 1/3 of the US House of Representatives voted against giving Bush
the military authorization to conduct the war.

I think DC will see the largest demonstration ever this weekend.

Regarding the war and smoking guns, in the 1960s, the US Joint Chiefs
created various secret plans to publicize "Cuban Aggression" in order to
justify an invasion.  These plans included claiming Cuba had downed a manned
US aircraft and went so far as to propose the US down one of its own planes.
The US will not hesitate to create its own causus belli.

However, I believe US action will unleash a wave of resistance and rebellion
that will shake not just the administration, but the foundations of the
government itself.

The economy will continue to reel  and workers actions will spread
throughout the country.

The bankruptcy of the two parties-- racist, corrupt, venal-- is creating a
critical opportunity to crack the "common interest" in two and articulate in
public a class interest.

Internationally, the EU will either bite its tongue or risk trade
retaliation, and I believe the popular pressure will make it speak out-- the
security of domestic property taking precedence over trade.


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